Erin Washington
tristian und isolde light handedSix Years After Zeus Five Years After ZeustempestHand of Mouthdestroyerambiguous image (for Kathryn)light touch Artifact and indexFour Years After ZeusOUROBOROSThe CatacombsTalking BoardHand of Mouthmelancholiamelancholia toouseful knowledge (After Hogarth, After Hockney)eternal return tooUntitled (take care of yourself)The Empty Vessel...eternal return Ruin and cosmic dustSearch for MeaningatlasSisyphusPerpetual Motionwormhole shape = headstone shapecosmasPortrait of the Artist as a Corpsezero of form (a grave for Malevich)I Measured the Skies (After JK)A [person] can't just sit aroundEither/Or (Documentation of performance with piece at the beach)Three Years After ZeusTwo Years After ZeusAfter ZeusRefract Without ReflectingInfinite/FiniteShapes of an Expanding UniverseShapes of the Universe400 OVUM"Search for Meaning"One Year with Silver Beach (in progress)One Year with Silver Beach What Exists/What I Perceive (diptych)36 Minute EclipseAgathist (skin)Agathist (skin) detailCHFMonochrome (Fern Gully)Negative PositivePositive NegativeExtra Dark MatterSuprematism (After K.M.)AshenOvumGesture (Response to G.G.)Gesture (Response to G.G.) detailBinaryShroudGrande NonpirelsHydraHydra (detail)Agathist (detail)AgathistDrupletPlace in Sunlight, Water When Conditions become DryDead Alive